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My Awards!
For The Love Of Parrots Ribbon Courtesy Of Skye's For Birds
My heartfelt thanks to those who have deemed my site worthy of their awards.
I'm very proud to display them here.
Visit Mikey's Web Page
Thank You Mikey and Pat!

Excellence Award from Judy and Jerry's Place
Thank You Fluffy!

Visit All About Quakers
Thank You Quakers Online!

Visit Aqua Oceans
Thank You Aqua Oceans!

Exceptional Caring Award from Judy and Jerry's Place
Thank You Judy and Jerry!

Visit Aqua Oceans
Thanks Again Aqua Oceans!

Home Of The Incredible Biki Bird
Many Thanks Biki!

BLOSSOM & TREASURE, Goffin's CockatoosCHEEKS, The CockatielCLOPSY, A Very Special Little ConureJAMBOREE, Blue-Fronted AmazonKIMBA, Congo African Grey MEGGIE, Hahn's Macaw
PEEPERS & TWINKLE, Lovebirds SIDEKICK, A Very Special Little Conure TOMMY & BITSY, Cockatiels TREASURE, Baby Pictures WATSON, Umbrella Cockatoo WICKA, Congo African Grey
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