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Shy Chick

The purpose of this page is to give me a place to keep visitors informed and updated about whatís going on in The Nest, and to offer, hopefully, a little interesting information about living with pet birds.

The ~WING TIPS~ section of the page is where Iíll be sharing tips I've learned on basic pet bird care. Youíll read about things like diet, grooming, health, caging, toys, etc.
I sincerely hope this section will provide helpful information for you and give you solid ideas on how to keep your bird healthy and happy.

*Please see the important notice at the bottom of this page.*

In the ~TALE FEATHERS~ section I'll share anecdotes about my little flock.
This is where you can read about the most current happenings, their latest antics, who said what, poems I've written, and the like.

In addition, this section will feature any news about The Nest. For example, I'll keep you informed of new photos I've added, changes I've made to the birds' pages, or any other new information you might be interested in checking out.

The page content will change frequently so check back often.


Healthy, Happy Feet:

Birds are on their feet, literally, all their lives. They canít stretch out on the couch or kick back in a comfy recliner to rest those tired footsies like we can.

In the wild, Mother Nature provides a limitless variety of perches for her feathered kids. Why? Itís because variety in shape, texture and diameter is of the utmost importance in maintaining healthy birdie feet.

Of course, we canít match Mother Nature, but we can, and should, provide our birds with a good variety of perches in their cages to prevent pressure sores from developing. Make sure your bird has at least three different sized perches to choose from.

Manzanita is an excellent choice because each branch varies in thickness and shape.
Natural tree limbs are also a good choice, but make sure the tree you choose is non-toxic to birds (there are many lists on the internet of safe and unsafe trees and plants) and has not been sprayed with insecticides.
Always wash (safe) natural tree branches in a strong bleach solution, rinse THOROUGHLY and let dry in direct sunlight for several days before exposing your bird to them.

Another good choice is the rough concrete perches. These come in a variety of sizes and colors, and have the added bonus of helping keep your birds nails manicured.

Never, ever, use sandpaper covered perches. They are simply too rough for tender birdie feet, and can cause severe foot abrasions.

Lastly, if your bird will allow, give him or her a nice foot massage now and then. Some of my birds really enjoy it! :)


March Hatchdays:

1st Clopsy the Peach fronted conure turns 6 years old

7th Treasure the male Goffinís turns 1 year old

11th Peepers the female Lovebird turns 8 years old

29th Blossom the female Goffinís turns 2 years old

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I'm not a veterinarian, so I can't give medical advice.
I'm not an avian behaviorist, so I can't give behavioral advice.
I'm not a bird breeder, so I can't give breeding advice.

I'm just an average pet bird owner sharing my own opinions, observations and experiences.
I can only tell you about the species I'm familiar with... both the positive and negative aspects of each... my goal being to present a balanced viewpoint.

Thanks, Mama