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I highly recommend BirdTalk magazine as one of the best sources of information pertaining to pet birds.
I've subscribed to BirdTalk for almost as long as I've owned birds. It's been a great educational tool for me, as I know it will be for you.
Subscribe or pick up a copy at your local news stand.

Numerous bird oriented Usenet newsgroups exist that you can read and participate in.
Come join us on the rec.pets.birds news group! It's entertaining and informative, and you get to meet a lot of great people who love and are owned by pet birds.
Some of the experiences they share are priceless!

There are many species specific mailing lists on The Parrot Talk Connection and the eGroups websites. You can meet lots of other bird lovers and get many of your questions answered by subscribing
to the mailing list(s) and eGroups
of your choice.
I've provided links for your convenience.

Harmony Animal Hospital's
World of Pets




African Parrot Society
How to properly clip your bird's wings... and much more.
All About Cockatoos
If you're even CONSIDERING getting a Cockatoo go here and TURN UP YOUR SPEAKER VOLUME!!
An Avian Resource
The "Hot Spot" for birds.
A Passion For Parrots (Bow Creek)
Parrot postcards, backgrounds and other neat bird lover goodies.
Aqua Oceans
One of the most informative and best designed bird web sites I've seen. I highly recommend this one!
Avian Vet
Avian vets address health issues. Locate a vet and much more. Excellent source for info!
Bird Hotline
Report lost and found birds. Get help from avian vets and behaviorists.
You gotta go here!
Bob's Bird Barn
A man and his (many) birds. A fun site to explore! See the infamous "Flamingo Shirt" and much, much more. :>)
Cursor Queen's Download Page
Great bird cursors.... Free!
Dan's Pet Page
Meet Dan's birds. Photos and lots of info.
Exotic Pet Vet.Net
Website for Birdtalk columnist, Margaret A. Wissman, D.V.M
Gwen's EGGciting Home Page
See a parrot hatch right before your eyes!
Harmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets
- Laugh, learn, share, and explore at this award-winning site. Pet care library for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, pet loss support resources, postcards, classified ads, fun, games, contests and cool stuff all from this AAHA-accredited animal hospital.
J & D Farm
Experienced, dedicated breeders of quality exotic birds.
Kim's Aviary
Home of the Congo Grey. Terrific! Tons of good stuff!
Kritters in the mailbox
If you love animals and nature, you'll love this site!
Lexicon Of Parrots
An excellent resource for looking up pictures and info about any parrot species.
Locate a veterinarian.
Pet Galaxy
Info and references.
The ultimate pet links site!
Planned Parrothood
Check it out.
Scottie's Bird Nest
Fun and informative.
Special Needs Birds
Links to web pages offering good info and advice on caring for birds with mental and physical challenges.
The Alex Foundation
Communication With Parrots: Meet Alex, the famous amazing African Grey! Fascinating research by Dr. Irene Pepperberg!
The Aviary
Pet bird info resources.
The Bird Cage
Lots of info.
The Parrot Talk Connection
Bird mailing lists and more.
The Pet Bird Report
Bird behaviorist, Sally Blanchard gives expert advice for correcting behavioral problems.
The Rainbows Bridge
If you've lost a dear pet, these inspiring words will bring you comfort in your time of grief.
Author Gail Martin's web site. Packed full of bird stuff... from postcards to Avian Vet referrals. Chat, links, books, poems, classifieds and more! You gotta see this!
Up At Six
Find everything you want to know about birds. One of the best sites on the 'Net!
Zachary's Website
Meet this charming Double Yellow Head Amazon and his loving family. This site is truly inspirational to all animal lovers, and is a pleasure to visit again and again.
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