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4 weeks old

Photos- 4 Weeks Old MORE PHOTOS AT 4 WEEKS OLD

This is Treasure at six weeks old. He now weighs 256 grams and is being handfed four times a day. His feathers are coming out of their protective keratin sheaths, and in a few days he'll be ready to move from his warm brooder into a cage where he'll learn how to perch, climb, play and eventually learn to eat on his own.

6 weeks old

8 weeks old

Photos- 8 Weeks Old MORE PHOTOS AT 8 WEEKS OLD

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This is my Goffin's Cockatoo, "TREASURE."

He was hatched on March 7, '99 and was given to me by my wonderful son and daughter-in-law as a gift on March 28th at the age of 3 weeks. These pictures were taken on Easter Sunday, his 4 week birthday. He weighs 194 grams and is being handfed formula every three hours. Since he has no feathers yet, he must always be kept very warm. A baby bird is a huge responsibilty!

4 weeks old

6 weeks old

Photos- 6 Weeks Old MORE PHOTOS AT 6 WEEKS OLD

8 weeks old

Here's my little angel at 8 weeks old. Looks all grown up, doesn't he?
Well, he's still very much a baby, although he is starting to wean. He's eating a little on his own now so I only hand feed him 3 times a day. He should be fully weaned in another 4 weeks or so.
He's able to step up onto his perch, which I placed down low in his cage, and has just about mastered perching.
His tail feathers have a little more growing to do, but you can see he's otherwise fully feathered.
I enjoy watching my babies grow up. I hope you enjoy it too!

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