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In the spring of 1990 I was given a 2 year old cockatiel. It was the beginning of an adventure into the joys, and sometimes the heartaches, of owning and loving pet birds.
Over the years my flock has grown, but I still have "Cheeks"- the adorable little feathered bundle who first introduced me to the wonders of having a bird companion.

These beautiful and intelligent creatures will always fascinate me.

That is why I'm dedicating this site...
my little nest in the massive forest of the Internet...
to my cherished feathered companions.
Sharing photos and information about my own pet parrots is just one of the ways
I can express my love for all birds.

I hope you enjoy your visits to my nest!

Are you ready to take a peek inside?
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I'm not a veterinarian, so I can't give medical advice.
I'm not an avian behaviorist, so I can't give behavioral advice.
I'm not a bird breeder, so I can't give breeding advice.

I'm just an average pet bird owner sharing my own opinions, observations and experiences.
I can only tell you about the species I'm familiar with... both the positive and negative aspects of each...
my goal being to present a balanced viewpoint.

Thanks, Mama