I look like a pear with feet!

"CLOPSY" was hatched on March 1st, 1995.
She appeared to be a normal Peach-fronted Conure baby at first, but within days it became obvious that she had a problem... she had only a tiny slit on the right side where her eye should be.
I adopted her when she was ten days old and took over the chore of hand feeding the tiny baby.
As we progressed toward weaning, it became apparent that her left eye had an abnormality as well, and we were concerned that she was totally blind.
As it turned out, we found that she does have some degree of sight in her left eye. But if you look at the pictures carefully, you'll see that her left eye turns inward toward her beak. We think she can only see things close up and directly in front of her.
She has other problems as well.
Even though she ate well, she never grew at the rate she should have, resulting in her being much smaller than she should be. Her feathers didn't grow in normally either.
With so many things wrong, we didn't hold out much hope for her long-term survival.
I guess we didn't anticipate her strong will to survive.
In spite of her poor vision, she gets around her cage quite well and even plays with her toys like any "normal" bird does.
We announce our presence when we approach her cage, being careful to approach from her left side. We've made every effort to make her life as comfortable and happy as we can.
We expect nothing from her in return... except to hope that she is aware of our love for her.

I think I see a bug!

What big eyes I have!

I bet you wish I was YOUR birdy.

I know I'm special!

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Every now and then a very special bird will come along... birds that require a little extra time, care and love from their owners.

Cyclops and Sidekick are two such birds.

It's both a challenge and a pleasure to provide for these little guys'
special needs.
It's also a huge responsibilty, and not one to be taken lightly.
They have so much love to give...
and they do.

I know I'm cute!

Nobody's perfect!


Here's looking at you, Kid.

Its okay to point

"Sidekick" is a Dusky Conure. He hatched on Valentine's day 1998 with a deformity to his left hip socket. This was confirmed by a visit to his Vet and Xrays.
Although his foot functions normally, Sidekick's leg is permanently "locked" in a position horizontal to his body.
It seems that he views this as nothing more than a "minor inconvenience."
He has learned to climb about on the cage bars and does a one-legged hop to navigate on a perch.
He can hold food in his left foot by placing it there with his beak.
It's amazing to see how he overcomes his limitations.
Sidekick came to live with me on Jan.6, 1999.
He had one previous owner who kept him for a short time but returned him to his breeder. Sadly, there are people who just can't deal with a less-than-perfect pet.
He will have a permanent home with me... hopefully, for a very long time.
He is such a sweet, affectionate little bird. He loves to snuggle against my neck, giving kisses and whispering sweet little bird sounds that can only mean "I love you."

Sidekick, I love you too...

My mommy loves me just the way I am!


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